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These are the confessions, lessons learned and experiences from my life. A single, independent, strong, young professional woman living in a busy Downtown city in Northern California.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The making of a vegetarian foodie.

One of the many domestic hobbies I have is cooking. I love to cook! Probably because I LOVE to eat! I am a vegetarian and my parents claim I have been a veg-head since I was able to say, "No".

My parents are very meat & potatoes. My mom's father owned a slaughterhouse her whole life and my dad's brother owned a slaughterhouse. I remember being young and visiting the companies. Walking through the huge, cold doors to find slabs of meat everywhere, carcasses skinned & hung upside and all the large silver hooks and scary equipment. I even remember the distinct smell. I can't even describe it but I know it when I smell it. I always think of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre scene when I reminisce those times. I account those times to way I am a vegetarian. Not even understanding or knowing why I didn't want to eat the meat. It's really the only thing I can think of now.

Now that I am older, I have had to learn the hard way to eat and maintain a healthy diet because of my vegetarian ways. I stumbled and fell hard in high school and once I gained about 15lbs in a month I realized, I needed to start eating cleaner and healthier. It has stuck with me since and I have learned to love healthy food and the way it makes me feel.

I will compile a list of recipes I have found and created that I absolutely love! Even if you aren't a vegetarian, many of these recipes can be altered to add a healthy meat like chicken, fish, sausage or turkey.


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