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Monday, July 22, 2013

Timing is a bitch.

...I couldn't agree more....

[I have been a victim of "bad timing" more than once in my life.] 

One of my multi-year relationships thrived on the concept of bad timing
I would bet my first born child on the fact that if the timing were good, or at least consistent, we would NOT have "been together" for as long as we were...And once our timing was right, or so we thought, we realized, our relationship wasn't. 
& that was the end of that.

Another case of bad timing recently just slapped me in the face. Actually, it kinda felt like a stomach punch to be honest. Whatever it was, it sucks/ed. 

Long story short. I have this awesome guy friend. We've always been good friends but we're not-so-secretly in love with each other have talked about wanting more from each other and even tried to escalate our relationship more than once but it just never worked out
...because of bad timing....
He had a girlfriend or I had a boyfriend or I was on a single hype or he lived out of town.
For whatever the reason, we never got the chance to make our relationship work the way we both knew we could. 

Well, my time ran out. He just broke the news...he's engaged and as selfish as it is, I feel kinda cheated. 

I know his fiance is wonderful girl. Seriously, if she got this guy to propose, I know she's awesome and I really do wish them a happy life together.


At the bottom of the Ben & Jerry's tub, I came to the cliche conclusion that life is too short to not tell people how you feel. Maybe if we just acted instead of finding the perfect moment, our lives would be different. Maybe if I ended things sooner with Bad Relationship, I would have been single and my timing would have been right with The One that Got Away. Maybe this case of bad timing is going to set me up to a wonderful new adventure that wouldn't have happened otherwise.
Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.
But I guess that's life right? I'm going to wrap up all those good memories, tie them in a little bow & mentally file them away so I can start making new ones. 

At the end of the day, I'm sincerely happy he is in love and is happy.

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