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These are the confessions, lessons learned and experiences from my life. A single, independent, strong, young professional woman living in a busy Downtown city in Northern California.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WTFitness - Skinny Dress!

I'll make this quick...not because I don't want to bore you but more so because I am so busy I can barely see straight.

I LOVE SHAKEOLOGY! Pretty much obsessed. Feeling good, feeling great!

How do I know it is working? Well, between my shakeology and my cleaner diet, I don't fit into these BRAND NEW clothes I haven't worn yet. Check those shorts out! Yaaa buddy!  

AND THE BEST PART: I fit into a dress I bought LAST YEAR for my birthday that just wasn't comfortable, it was way too tight... So when those those outfits didn't work out, I braved trying it on again....and IT FIT! 

My best friend Jenna & I 

Don't mind my muscle arms...

Anyways, keep it up guys! Results will come in various ways, just be excited for what you're seeing and the progress you're making. 

BTW, working on a funny post now. Should be up by the end of the week :) 

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