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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Being rejected is not easy. Neither is being the one rejecting.

Rejection is tough on anyone and it's really not fun telling someone you're not interested. Feelings & crap. But I realized today, that some situations are worse then others. 

In this case, a nice looking man approached me while I was walking to the bank. (He was attractive but not my type at all.) I noticed he was wearing some-sort of uniform but I didn't know exactly what it was....until he told me. I'll call him Frank. 

"Hi, I'm Frank & I'm a firefighter and  I couldn't help but say hi to you and I wanted to know if you would like to get some coffee with me sometime."

Well Frank, now that you deliberately told me you might be saving my life in the future or putting out a fire in my home one day, I guess I can't just ignore you now can I? 

Firefighter, check! But who else do you kind of have to tiptoe around?

  • Well, in the same line of a firefighter, I really wouldn't want to piss off a cop. Talk about an ego. And believe me, I've had my share of parking tickets, etc., I'd like to keep my money in my pocket, not the States. 
  • What about your bartender/server? I've been on the other end of this before cocktailing and that is one person you DON'T want to piss off. Bad service, poorly made drinks/food, or even worse, they could just 86 you out of that place! (I've done it before, I should know.)
  • I'll definitely add your I.T. guy to this list. Think about it...he's the master computer fixer but in the opposite occasion, he could make your technological life a living hell. 
  • How about your banker? You know that one guy who gets to see & have some control of how much money you have in your account?...Yikes. 
  • Another person you really don't want to reject coldly is your property manager/real estate agent. Been there, done that too....I wonder if that dishwasher ever got fixed??? 
  • Can't help but add a professor to this list too. Repeat after me..."grades are important...grades ARE important"! 
  • And then there is your explanation needed. 
NOW! I'm not saying you have to date them or even give them your number if they ask...but just think twice about the way your reject them. Breathing fire might not be the best idea in this situation. I know I do. 

Did I forget any? 

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