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These are the confessions, lessons learned and experiences from my life. A single, independent, strong, young professional woman living in a busy Downtown city in Northern California.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1st Date No-No's

....To celebrate my one-year anniversary of being a single woman....
I decided to compile my list of "1st Date No-No's"

Disclaimer: Written for both guys & gals. Most of these are based on my personal experiences, some are my friends, all are facts, and most should be common sense.
No 1st dates were harmed in the writing of this blog. 
    • DO NOT ask me out via Social Media. I repeat DO NOT ask via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media account... 

    • DO anonymously stalk. I suggest to EVERYONE going on a date, especially a blind date, to Internet stalk their date. May sound crazy but you never know who you are going out with. It's simply for safety purposes....okay maybe some other purposes too but I will stick with safety -- Google, Linkdn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube! Do it all! You may find some very important information about your date that you need to know, keep reading I will explain. 
    • DO NOT discuss your stalking. If you stalked them, don't act like you know the person on the date! Awkward! Takes all the surprise away and again, you look like a stalker. 
    • DO NOT physically stalk. No seriously, people get arrested for that.
    • DO eat like a normal person. There was a reason Carl's Jr. burger commercials always have a hot girl eating a messy burger. 
    • DO NOT have your phone out on the date or you won't be seeing my name pop up on that screen again. 
    • DO NOT ask someone out if you're still in a relationship. Even if you're on a "break", did you not learn anything from Ross & Rachel? Especially if you are engaged or married. Douche.
    • DO NOT ask someone out if you're still "in a relationship" on your Facebook/social media sites or if they're still loaded with pictures of your ex or even says you're still engaged. Again, douche. 
    • DO NOT ask someone out if your ex is still living with you. Can you tell I've had some bad luck in this department? 
    • Ladies: DO NOT dress like a skank. Your mother was right about the whole imagination thing. If you're wearing a low cut shirt, put some pants on. If you go with an appropriate lengthened shorts or skirt or dress, make sure your boobs aren't falling out. 
    • Fellas: DO NOT dress like a douche. If you have any type of rhinestones on, makeup, or a wrinkled T-shirt don't even sit down.  
    • DO NOT have a Hangover. You probably are reeking like vodka & sweat & that bright blue bar stamp on your wrist is the trashiest accessory you'll wear. 
    • DO NOT get Drunk. Before the date or during the date. Even if you're nervous. DON'T! This is not a game of beer pong. You are not proving anything if you drink too much besides your level of trashiness. Yes, trashiness is a word. 
    • DO NOT be a 1-upper. It's annoying & you look like a douche. 
    • DO NOT talk about your ex or your mother! Competition much? That's what we're thinking. On the same note...
    • DO NOT talk about your trust issues. Welcome to Crazy Town. Population: YOU!
    • DO NOT talk about your online dating history. Or ask me if/what online dating websites I've used. Or tell me I'd be really good at online dating....awkward. (P.S. I don't have anything against online dating websites but geeze I'm only 23. I'm not there yet!)
    • DO NOT be an asshole to the server. And you better tip him well. Cheap is not cute. 
    • LADIES: ALWAYS bring cash. Just in case you need to get out of the date quick or the low-life that asked you out "forgot his wallet". 
    • FELLAS: If you asked her out, you pay. Chivalry is not dead. Be a man. And even when your date offers to pay or split the bill. You better decline her invitation. 
    • DO NOT get nasty. C'mon....You know what I mean. If you actually want something more than a booty call, don't get it the first night. 
Hope you enjoyed those! Let me know if I missed any! :)
I am sure there will be a Part II 

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