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These are the confessions, lessons learned and experiences from my life. A single, independent, strong, young professional woman living in a busy Downtown city in Northern California.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fight Club

Some of you may not know but as well as my full time job, I also work at a local music venue here downtown as a cocktail server at night. I started this job more for fun then any other reason. 

I know what you're saying. Working for fun? It's true! I get to feel the nightlife that I love. See free concerts & comedy shows. I still hang out with friends (& get them drunk). I've met a ton of new friends (mwah!) and meet new people every day. I don't spend money but instead make some extra cash. 
&& I'll kinda keeps me out of trouble :) 

...You know what they say...

Working in the industry I see pure insanity every night. 

From the double well vodka Red Bull ass-out go go dancers TO THE nearly deaf 70 year old Hendricks three olives dirty but not too dirty with a twist on the side Martini drinkers. 
Ish gets crazy. 

But we're not talking about baby hoes or old drunks in this blog. 
We're talking about that couple you see awkwardly & constantly arguing

I've overheard some crazy arguments while unintentionally fueling the fire by serving them another round of drinks.
Anyways, I think the worst fights are the petty, avoidable, controlling fights...Most of the time I only get to hear the epic one-word response or one-liner since I'm running around like a crazy person. But those short & sweet words make me feel so, so, damn sane & reminds me why I like being single.


"Stop being so high-maintenance! Why can't you just drink well and save a couple bucks?"

"Don't order that" Then proceeds to order for the other person. Talk about awkward.

"Your friends are soooo annoying." or "I hate your friends!"

"Did you really just check her/him out in front of me?"

"I thought you were going to take me out tonight?"

"SERIOUSLY!" (with that blank, wide eyed stare)

"You said you were going to drive tonight."

"Where were you?" or "You just left me"

"Then, go home with her/him tonight!"

"You don't need another beer!"

"F**K OFF!" or "F**K YOU"

"Take me home, now"

"You always do this"



While I wouldn't get in the middle of their issues purposefully, (yes some have brought me into their own insecure fights) I  really want to scream at these people!

I don't understand why you want to fight with your significant other while out and about on the town, trying to have a fun night?? I assume they didn't walk out of the house thinking, "Yep! Tonight is the night I'm going to yell & nag." But who knows these days...

I guess this is me venting & pleading.
Stop fighting & have fun. Enjoy life at the moment you're living it. Whatever it may be.

Communication is key if you're in a relationship but that doesn't mean everywhere is the time and/or place. ESPECIALLY if you chose to do so while consuming copious amounts of alcohol while out together. If you do have some issues, my suggestion would be to wait and discuss this in private (or when you're not drunk), whether it be at home or in the car (don't drink & drive), but definitely not in front of your cocktail server. Believe me, I'll remember you even if you don't remember me. It's embarrassing.

And if you must...make sure you leave a good tip :)

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