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Thursday, February 21, 2013


I don't know about you people...but I am a nice freakin person! 

I mean, unless you do something to deserve the mean-ness, cause then the claws come out. No seriously, I'm a Leo, I have claws. But 99.9%, I'm a good person - HELL, I'll even go as far as say I'm a good stranger! 

I usually like to think that other people have the same attitude. Why put so much effort into disliking a stranger or acquaintance when you could just be nice or at least civil. DAMN! 

Well lately, I've been introduced to more asshole girls than not. 


You assholes are giving us a bad name. You wonder why girls are called bitchy and jealous. Isn't it easier to just be friends with someone. Likely, you will never see that other person again, why leave a bad taste in their mouths. Once you are a bitch, no matter how many times you may apologize later, you will still be labeled, that bitch. 

It makes you look dumb, petty and insecure. 

Just be nice. Pass the positive vibes around. Who knows, you may end up being really good friends with that person?! 

People are just humans. Humans make mistakes. If you have "good" reason to dislike a person before you meet them, remember that point. Also...don't you remember high school? Rumors are made by humans. Don't believe everything you hear people! And most of all, don't judge someone by another's opinion! Are you really that naive to not go out of your way to make your own judgement?

Bullying isn't just in schools, it carries it's ugly ways into adulthood. And I'm pretty damn sure that if you're a bully still, you will be lonely and miserable your entire life. 

Take a chance. Believe in the greater good of people. Go out of your way to be nice or befriend someone. 

Remember, everyone is human. If you realize that you were bitchy to someone, simply apologize and try to start over. Or at least next time, be nice, cause MEAN PEOPLE SUCK! I bet you 100x that people will respect you so much more to admit you were wrong than if you kept being an ugly person.

Whether you are positive or negative, nice or mean, a bitch or all is contagious. Make sure you're spreading the right thing. 

Or next time, you might get bitch-slapped and well that's just embarrassing. 

The Bitch-Slap: Changing people's attitudes since, well, forever.

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