"Rosie the Riveter" is a cultural icon representing the American woman working during WWII. She symbolizes the strong, independent woman of that time. -- Now, more than 70 years later, the symbol stands as strong as she. I am proud to be a woman and am grateful for other brave women before me that endured the struggle of sexism and paved the equal path to our society today.

These are the confessions, lessons learned and experiences from my life. A single, independent, strong, young professional woman living in a busy Downtown city in Northern California.

Embracing my domesticity while enjoying the freedom of being perfectly lonely.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


...pretty self-explanatory...

I'll be the first to admit it. Being single isn't always bubblegum, rainbows and unicorns. Here's my list of #problems that I have encountered because of my singleness & I believe other single ladies have experienced also (maybe even single guys?) 

Mom, I hope this is one of those posts that you missed....and if you are reading this right may want to stop. Love you xoxo. 
(also applies to other family that may still see me as a 12 year old girl) 
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1. Forcing yourself to shave your legs every weekend just in case you meet a hot guy. 

2. You must sexifiy your work out. 
Cause you can't look like you're about to poop your pants while doing squats cause there is one hot guy casually staring your direction...even though he's probably not looking at your face at all. 

3. Setting up a date for yourself with a guy you may not be extremely interested in because: 
A. You're bored and don't have another date or B. You're broke & your fridge is bare. 
4. Having a date think you're overly obsessed with your dog because...

5. You take a 100 pictures of your dog. Just because

6. Refusing to watch Disney movies, romantic comedy or listening to Taylor Swift because it's all bullshit. 
(besides the Breakup of course) 

7. Saving your cute panties for the weekend...not that some of my panties aren't cute.

8. When one of your girlfriends buys you a "Grow Your Own Boyfriend sponge" as a gag gift.

9. Or buys you this ---------->

9. When you order dessert at a restaurant and refuse to share it because you don't have to & YOU CAN'T MAKE ME! 

10. You buy the biggest container of peanut butter you can because you've realized that using your finger as a spoon somehow makes it go faster ??? 

11. You can't help but feel like a 12-year old while listening to Justin Timberlake's new album because this is the closest you've felt to love at first site in far too long. 

12. You watch Jersey Shore reruns because it makes you feel better about yourself when Snooki was still trashy and single too.

13. Even though the guy hitting on you at the bar is BEYOND wasted, you still stand next to him for longer than you should & take the compliments 

14. You get dating website advertisements on your Facebook page. Yes, that picture is real life & yes, it was on my Facebook page. That really happened. More than once.


16. Every single friend, family member, co-worker and even the stranger in the bank tries to set you up on a blind date. 

17. You GO on the blind date said acquaintance set you up on because of #15. 

18. Sneaking your guy friend into your house so your neighbors don't think you're a whore. 

19. Your pizza & beer consumption is embarrassing. 

20. Lying to your gynecologist on more than half of the questions she asked you on your latest checkup because you don't want the judgment eyes.
21. Awkwardly having to answer the question from your latest fling, "Did you delete me on Facebook?".  

22. When your favorite bartender says "the last guy you brought in here was a total douche...."

24. When an entire bag of Movie Theater-Style Butter Microwave popcorn is dinner.

25. When you buy extremely large sunglasses on purpose so if you accidentally run into an old flame you hope they don't recognize you.


Honestly, this has been one of the truest most entertaining posts I've written. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it. Did I miss any #singlegirlproblems? What about you guys - any #singleguyproblems? 

One more just because I am obsessed with ecards but I am sure you can tell :) 


  1. This one has been one of my favs. ;) number 18 is so the chick upstairs from me! Lol

    1. It was one of my favorites to write! I am constantly running into these #singlegirlproblems! #18 is such a thing for me. I swear my neighbors think I'm a whore cause I have a ton of guy friends that crash on my couch after a long night partying. So funny to see their faces the next morning. Especially if two or three walk out of my house. Holla!