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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

While having a text conversation with one of my oldest friends Brian & he said something that triggered a light bulb!

I just got a pair of brand new glasses & sent him a silly picture asking if he liked them - don't judge my duckface, I said it was a silly picture... He replied yes & asked how long I've worn glasses (he better have said yes, I pack a mean punch). I responded with a "fourth grade jerk, you don't remember teasing me when I got my first pair?" He didn't remember but he definitely teased me. I still remember to this day sitting by him in the cafeteria at lunch and me wearing my terrible pair of 90's paint splotched glasses...I secretly still wish I had them...and him making fun of me. Now I will admit, we did "date" in the sixth grade so he thinks that the teasing worked! And well, I guess it did!


Do you think girls like the "bad boy/asshole" type of guy because we were taught at an early age that if a boy picks on you, he likes you?

What the hell is it about the bad boys that are so attractive? And does that mean "good boys" aren't as attractive?

Usually, I'll have an opinion about the topics I post...this one, I can honestly say, I'm stumped. I don't know why I am attractive to bad boys. Maybe it's the challenge? The chase? The satisfaction?

All I know is maybe I need a good guy in my day...but right now, bring on the badass! 

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  1. I think you are on to something Em....

    1. I think so too Whit...maybe there will be a Bad Boy Part II post in the future!

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  3. Im a certified handsome "good guy". #fact

    1. Ryan Irby, you are definitely one of the good guys but attractive and handsome as well. You've got the upper hand compared to the bad boys, don't worry :)