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Thursday, January 3, 2013

TRUTH or DARE? The Makeup Edition.


TRUTH: Have you ever left the house with no makeup on & a full day of events to attend to? I mean, on purpose?? Not just a "grab the mail" or a "quick trip to the store". But a, "going to meet the girls for drinks" or a "laundry list of errands" leave the house trip. 

How did you feel? Insecure? Confident? Or my favorite...what the hell ever!?

Well, I do. I do it all the time. And believe me, I am not at all that naturally beautiful girl with a perfect skin complexion who doesn't need a drop of makeup. People seriously ask me if I am feeling under the weather when I have no makeup on. But I don't care! This is me. The natural me. I absolutely love makeup & I love how it makes me feel but there are other times, I just don't want to leave the house with it on dammit.   

This past weekend, I flew to San Diego for New Year's Eve to visit my girlfriend. My flight was later in the day & I knew as soon as I got to her house I would start caking on the makeup, heels, sequins & sparkles, so I kept a fresh face after my shower & didn't do my hair or makeup. While choosing a seat on the airplane, a 60+ year old lady decided to sit next to me. Now this was not your normal grandma ladies & gentleman, this was your Jersey Shore/Ed Hardy/Dolly Parton grandma! She stared at me for a few seconds until I made eye contact with her poorly painted blue eye-shadowed eyes & then she opened her mouth. 

"How can you leave the house with no makeup on? I mean, uh, I mean, you pull it off but I could never!"

Dumbfounded, I simply replied, "pretty easily, I just leave" & turned around to put my headphones on. 

...Good thing my parents taught me to respect my elders...

Couldn't help but think of the audacity this lady had to ask me that question. How rude! Then, my own grandma's cute wrinkly face popped up in my head & I remembered how she still does her hair, every single day. Oh how society has changed. 

Now, for the DARE part: I dare you to leave the house with no makeup on. Somewhere you may not be comfortable with. Somewhere new! May just be my opinion but I think it is crazy that people expect us to put makeup on everyday. Take a shower daily, totally (& please do, gross)! But the social norm that a female does look sexy without makeup on is asinine! We don't live in the 20's-50's or even 80's anymore ladies. You are sexy in your own skin. Makeup or no makeup. Own it & flaunt it! Remember: confidence is the sexiest thing you can ever wear!

& just to prove it to is a picture from this past weekend with no makeup on :)  Break out of the habits & tell me your experience! 


  1. I do it more often than not, and I find that I always have to defend myself. I don't know why it affects other people if I am comfortable with the way I am. I wear mascara to work and that's it. I once ran into a friend I hadn't seen in a while and she told me if I put on some makeup I could come to the bar with them to catch up. This was a dive bar in a 2,000 person town too...why do you care what I look like? lol

    1. Ah! How rude! If you feel comfortable why does that make other people uncomfortable! I just don't understand it! You are one of those gorgeous natural people! Flaunt that ish! <3