"Rosie the Riveter" is a cultural icon representing the American woman working during WWII. She symbolizes the strong, independent woman of that time. -- Now, more than 70 years later, the symbol stands as strong as she. I am proud to be a woman and am grateful for other brave women before me that endured the struggle of sexism and paved the equal path to our society today.

These are the confessions, lessons learned and experiences from my life. A single, independent, strong, young professional woman living in a busy Downtown city in Northern California.

Embracing my domesticity while enjoying the freedom of being perfectly lonely.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Blogging: Harder than it looks!

One thing I definitely have realized is blogging is A LOT harder than it looks....or maybe it's just me?

I have such a hard time lately being motivated to do, well, anything really. While traveling so much for work, you would think I have downtime sitting in a hotel room alone to blog or do something productive. I can't lie, Ambien has been my friend. Anyways, I have decided that instead of completely judging myself believe me I am I'd write myself a goal list to accomplish by the end of this calendar year.

2012 is almost over so, I better get cracking!

1. BLOG MORE - awe, come on you knew it was coming...with that said...

2. Be brave enough to actually post this blog to my Facebook so I may be able to get some followers...If you're reading this, well, I completed my goal. 

3. Get up to my goal of running 5 miles on the treadmill without dying. I'm at about 3 right now and kinda want to kill myself. 

4. Complete a one-week detox. I'm currently trying to find one that works for me aka one that I believe I will finish. Any suggestions are welcomed!

5. Fit back in my skinny pants. This summer has been a cruel one. Traveling so much and living in Midtown with all the yummy restaurants and bars, ugh, believe me when I say, it's been a delicious beautiful disaster. 

6. Have the employees at my gym recognize me! Meaning, I'll be there a lot! 

7. Keep my house neat & tidy. Something I call, "stranger presentable". So clean that a complete stranger would walk in and be impressed with my cleanliness. 

8. Complete my curtain project: ruffle shower curtain, living room curtains, crawl space curtains and maybe if I have time a new bed throw. 

9. Pay off one of my credit cards. I'm actually doing well with this but I want to completely get it out of the way.

10. Be happy. Smile more. Trust myself. 
And most importantly snap myself out of it when I'm not doing any of the above. 

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