"Rosie the Riveter" is a cultural icon representing the American woman working during WWII. She symbolizes the strong, independent woman of that time. -- Now, more than 70 years later, the symbol stands as strong as she. I am proud to be a woman and am grateful for other brave women before me that endured the struggle of sexism and paved the equal path to our society today.

These are the confessions, lessons learned and experiences from my life. A single, independent, strong, young professional woman living in a busy Downtown city in Northern California.

Embracing my domesticity while enjoying the freedom of being perfectly lonely.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quote of the Week

Not much explanation needed.

I'm living life. I have to smile and just live.

Things will royally suck sometimes, but at the end of the day, life goes on... why not smile through it...

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